Service Times: Sunday 10:45am, 6:00pm | Wednesday 6:00pm

Christianity Finds Fulfillment in Empty Things

April 10, 2020 Speaker: Mahlon Smith Series: Holiday

Topic: Christianity, Fulfillment

Sermon summary: As we prepare for this unique Good Friday service, we hopefully realize, more than ever, that Jesus holds us together. As we will celebrate the Lord’s supper online and then hear from God’s Word, let’s all pray for our world, the lost around us and one another. This message aims to fill in whatever empty spots we feel today with the joy, forgiveness and hope of Jesus.

1. Christianity proclaims fullness of joy in an empty tomb.

  • The cross points to the empty tomb.
  • The empty tomb points back to the cross.
  • The cross and empty tomb point to Jesus.

2. Christianity’s fullness of forgiveness is due to an empty cross.

  • The work of the Cross is DONE.
  • The work of the cross must be received by faith.

3. Christianity proclaims fullness of hope despite presently empty church buildings.

  • Hope purchased by Jesus.
  • Hope from Heaven to Earth.
  • Hope expressed by Jesus through you.

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