Service Times: Sunday 10:45am, 6:00pm | Wednesday 6:00pm

The Hope of Resurrection

April 12, 2020 Speaker: Mahlon Smith Series: Holiday

Topic: Resurrection, Hope Passage: 1 Corinthians 15:35–58

Sermon summary: How can you and I find the type of hope that endures through any circumstance? Easter celebrates the answer to that question by pointing us to the risen Jesus. As we read the New Testament, we discover that this hope of resurrection is promised to every believer in Him. Today we will explore the details of the resurrection and how the hope of resurrection is important for daily living.

1. How will resurrection take place? 15:35-41

  • God’s power will cause resurrection.
  • God will preserve the identity of the resurrected.
  • God’s presence will shine through the resurrected.

2. What will a resurrected body be like? 15:42-57

  • Supernatural physical body.
  • Spiritual-life dominated body.
  • Similar to Christ’s resurrection body.
  • Suddenly transformed body.
  • Ceaselessly undying body.

3. Why does the resurrection matter to you? 15:58

  • Personal identity.
  • Perseverance through trials.
  • Prevailing hope that lives for God.