Service Times: Sunday 10:45am, 6:00pm | Wednesday 6:00pm

A Mother's Day Message

May 10, 2020 Speaker: Mahlon Smith Series: Holiday

Topic: Mothers Passage: John 3:1–21

Sermon summary: As one looks at baby pictures, it would seem the baby is too adorable to ever sin. However, Scripture and experience tells us otherwise. All of us come into this world by natural birth, having inherited, from Adam, the natural bent to sin and rebel against God. What each of us need is a second birth. What is this strange sounding idea of a “second birth”? Why do you and I need it? Today, we consider what it means to be “born-again”.

1. Problem of all who are naturally born. John 3:3-20

  • • Unable to see spiritual truth.
  • • Unable to bring about your own second birth.
  • • Unable to be good enough to get to Heaven.
  • • Unable to save yourself from final judgment.
  • • Unable to love God’s light more than darkness.

2. Why you and I need supernaturally born. Jn 3:3-21

  • • Realization about the truth comes from God.
  • • Root of the new birth comes from God.
  • • Reaches out to Jesus, Who alone is good enough.
  • • Receives the appointed Savior that was judged.
  • • Rushes to the light and rejects the darkness.