Service Times: Sunday 10:45am, 6:00pm | Wednesday 6:00pm

Journey Through the Bible

Each lesson in this series highlights a different book of the Bible. Pastor Mahlon identifies the key thoughts throughout the book, summarizing its writing and historical content, and discussing how it applies to our lives today. Each video is on average 7-10 minutes long and is packed full of information/teaching from the Word of God. The study starts in the book of Genesis and continues through the book of Revelation. Click the link here to view the Journey Through the Bible.


Introduction to New Hope Class

Our Introduction to New Hope Class goes through our church history, what we believe as a church, our mission & vision, what we teach, our ministries, as well as what is required for church membership. Click the link here to view our Introduction to New Hope Class.


What Makes for Sound Doctrine?

These videos cover 81 questions in Adam Murrell's 'Young Baptist's Catechism' to explore what the Bible teaches about sound doctrine. The goal is to help those wanting to disciple younger people, as well as adult learners interested in understanding the Bible's major doctrines. Each video is 5-10 minutes long, ideal for bite-sized treatments of the questions raised in the catechism. Click the link here to view the video series here.


Jesus Teaches Bible Prophecy

Matthew 24-25 was Jesus' final public teaching before His crucifixion. You're invited to study what is called "the Olivet Discourse" to discover what He taught about end-time events and why it is relevant to you. Click the link here to view the video series here.