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What Jesus Carried To The Cross For you

August 13, 2023 Speaker: Mahlon Smith Series: Meeting Jesus in Mark

Passage: Mark 15:15–20

1. Jesus carried the wounds of sin’s consequences. Mark 15:15
A. The physical violence of the wounding.

B. The supernatural purpose of the wounding. Is 53:3-5; 1 Pt 2:24.

2. Jesus carried the wickedness of sin’s shame. Mark 15:16-17a
A. Sin’s robe of mockery placed on Jesus.

B. Sinners represented by Jesus.

C. Sin’s wretched pain placed upon Jesus.
3. Jesus carried the weight of sin’s curse. Mk 15:17-19; Gal 3:13.

4. Jesus carried the worth of His righteousness. Mark 15:20

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