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The Believer's Spiritual Warfare

June 4, 2023 Speaker: Mahlon Smith Series: Meeting Jesus in Mark

Passage: Mark 14:27–31

Series: Meeting Jesus in Mark

6/4/23 morning: The Believer’s Spiritual Warfare - Mark 14:27-31


  1. The occasion of spiritual warfare. Mark 14:27-28

 A. The problem of spiritual warfare – The Truth.

 B. The presence of spiritual warfare.

 C. The pattern of spiritual warfare.



  1. The enemies of spiritual warfare. Mark 4:29-31

 A. The Devil, spiritual warfare’s Adversary. Lk 22:31-32

 B. The flesh, spiritual warfare’s aim. Mark 14:29,31

 C. The world, spiritual warfare’s arena. Luke 22:24-27



  1. Victory in spiritual warfare.

 A. Prayer.

 B. Scripture.

 C. Instant obedience.


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