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Setting the Record Straight About Marriage

August 21, 2022 Speaker: Mahlon Smith Series: Meeting Jesus in Mark

Passage: Mark 10:1–12

Series: Meeting Jesus in Mark

Mark 10:1-12 – Setting the record straight about marriage


  1. Jesus sets the record straight about marriage. Mark 10:1-5

            *The confusion.                  Mark 10:1-3

            *The critique.                      Mark 10:3-5

            *The correction.                  Mark 10:6-9


  1. Setting the record straight about marriage today. Mark 10:6-9


            *The correction (back to he Bible)


-Creation’s gender design. (Genesis 1:26-28; Genesis 2:18-25; Mark 10:6)

-Core of the family.  Mark 10:7

-Covenant between God, one man, one woman.  Mark 10:8

-Created by God, not humanity.  Mark 10:9


            *The Critique


            *Clearing up confusion (note the following argument)


- If Jesus would not oppose same-sex relationships, then He would not  

     quote Genesis to Deuteronomy. 


- Jesus quotes Genesis in His remarks about marriage.


- Genesis through Deuteronomy opposes same-sex relationships.


- Therefore, Jesus would oppose same-sex relationships.

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