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What It Costs To Follow Jesus

July 24, 2022 Speaker: Mahlon Smith Series: Meeting Jesus in Mark

Passage: Mark 9:30–41

Meeting Jesus in Mark
Mark 9:30-41– What it costs to follow Jesus
1. It will cost your surrender. Mark 9:30-32
*When we refuse to surrender, we’re prone to wander.
*When we refuse to surrender, we’re ill-prepared for deeper fellowship.
*Only when we surrender, can we have peace.
2. It will cost your self-reliance. Mark 9:33-37
What can we say about being as children in giving up our self-reliance?
*Little children have no reputation.
*Little children rely on others.
*Little children remember.
*Little children receive without question.
*Little children retain wonder.
*Little children rest in boundaries.
*Little children repeat their greatest influencer.
3. It will cost you service. Mark 9:38-41
*Avoid Self-important service.
*Avoid Negligent service.
*Serve like Jesus.

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