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Trusting Him When You Don’t Have All The Answers

September 22, 2019 Speaker: Mahlon Smith Series: Finding Jesus in Life’s Ups and Downs

Topic: Spiritual Battle Passage: Genesis 37:1–37:5

Sermon summary: Life in this world is characterized by “incomplete information”. The most common question we ask ourselves amidst life’s challenges is: “why?” Is it possible to trust God whenever we don’t have all the answers? In this message, we will discover that Jesus is in the shadows of those unknowns to let us know that having Him is more important than having the answers. Today we will demonstrate why you and I can trust God when we can’t answer “why?”
1. We often do not have all the answers.    
    Genesis 37:1-36
2. Reactions to not having all the answers. 
    Genesis 37:5-12
3. Life’s details point to One Who knows the answers. 
    Genesis 37:2,3,8,20,28
4. God’s plan is bigger than all the answers.   
    Genesis 37:36

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